Application Time


It is all about saving time....especially if you are working in a professional boat maintenance business. Polishing hulls is a big business. No matter what, polishing a hull is a time-consuming process and normally if the job is done by professionals it will roughly take the following stages:


• Wet sanding (bad oxidation)

• Compounding

• Polishing

• Appling Sealant

Worst case scenario, if the hull is in bad shape it will take four steps and a lot of working hours. We at Feldten Marine developed Gelcoat Sealer UV+ in order to cut some of these processes and save your time. Even if the body is in bad shape it would be sufficient to either wet sand or compound and finish with Gelcoat Sealer UV+ . This will cut off at least two processes and save a lot of time.

Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ is 3 in 1 product, clean, polish, and seal in same working process.

Secret behind this functionality is "intelligent" polishing/cutting material, which adapts to the surface. When it is applied on soft and UV damaged surface it will cut/polish very efficiently. But when applied on a new and smooth body the polishing compound will be inactive and you will only have cleaning and sealing properties.

By using Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ , one will not only save time but will add a unique protection with easy2clean properties. Our experience shows us that compared to traditional wax material on the market Gelcoat Sealer UV+ have substantially longer protection life time.