What is gelcoat?

Gelcoat is the outer finish on your boat; a thick resin layer that is sprayed on the hull. It provides a protective finish for the hull against both moisture and abrasion, and it also results in a glossy, smooth reflective look that naturally brings out the color of the hull.

Can gelcoat degrade over time?

Exposure to the elements can result in gelcoat erosion and a chalky, dull look. Thankfully it can be restored with Feldten Marine products.

How many applications do you recommend?

A: We recommend applying Feldten Marine twice a year, once in the winter before you store your boat and once in the summer before putting in the water.

Can Feldten Marine sealers be used on cars?

A: No, we do not recommend using Feldten Marine sealers on automobiles. There is a strong grit in them that can take away your automobile’s polish and/or leave micro scratches.

Can Feldten Marine sealers be used on campers?

Depending on what kind of camper you have, yes. If your camper’s finish is made of gelcoat, you will see the same results as applying our sealers to your boat.

How many bottles do I need?

With Feldten Marine Sealers, less is more, giving you plenty of value for each bottle. You can cover the span of a 30-ft boat with one bottle when used sparingly. With that said, about half of our customers purchase more than one bottle.

Will your Gelcoat Sealer get rid of my oxidation?

Yes, there are chemical properties in our sealer that will detect oxidation and remove it on site. If your oxidation is very heavy, we recommend a wet sanding before applying our Gelcoat Sealer for the best results.