Application of Gelcoat Sealer





1. Clean the hull and other parts of your boat or RV which you intend to treat with Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer. If you have very heavy oxidation, remove as much as possible before starting your treatment(e.g. wet sanding)

2. Apply the Feldten Marine Gelcoat sealer on the surface that needs to be treated with a cloth and rub it into the gel coat in a circular motion making sure to work in small areas at a time (2' x 2').

- If applying by hand use a rough terry cloth rag to apply. If you have oxidation work it in hard the first treatment. Keep working it until the polish dries and starts to rub off then move on to the next spot. After that has been worked, return to the previous spot and remove with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to keep both cloths clean. Use many if needed.

- Applying with buffer: You can apply with a RANDOM orbital. Recommend using a fleece cover. Work a 2' x 2' section until dry like above, then lightly hit it by hand. Let it sit, then come back and remove the residue. 

- If this is your first treatment of Feldten Marine and your gel coat has oxidation you will find resistance during the application. Continue polishing the area until you feel the resistance diminish and see the oxidation gone. If you have a look at the cloth you are using, you will see the oxidization you've removed.

3. Your shine and color will come up like new. In addition to the new appearance, your Gelcoat now has UV+ protection reducing the corrosion of your gel coat to a minimum.

4. We recommend using the Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer twice a year. Once when you store your boat for the winter (to protect it from the elements) and a second treatment before launching her so she is protected during boating season. 

5. Note: every time you apply the Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer you will notice that the application is easier and less time-consuming. Feldten Marine is a real Nano product which bonds with its prior layer and increases its protection and its UV+ protection. Traditional waxes need to be removed every time prior to a new application, if not the old layer will darken under the new layer impacting the color of your hull and/or superstructure. Feldten Marine is a high quality maintenance product and is not intended to turn weak surfaces into strong surfaces. The duration of your shine and seal is affected by the quality of your gelcoat and any containment. Typical protection lasts 3-6 months.