Boat Towing Tips - What You Need To Know

Boat Tow Trailer

Laws and Regulations

When planning the cross country trip to your secret fishing spot three states away you have to be aware of and prepare for the changing variables in local code enforcement. Towing or trailering your boat anywhere across the United States will certainly subject you to different state laws enforcing trailer regulations like dimensions and reflectors, insurance, speed limits, brakes and much more. Obtaining a unique permit for boat towing in each state is also required.

Differing Trailers

For most Americans, we live within 100 miles of boatable water so boat trailering can be seen as a long standing national trend. Statistics show the ideal boat size for trailering is a 25 foot long hull since it gives you better maneuverability on highways. Vehicles and trailers used for boat towing can differ from others in size and dimension due to the unique shape and size of each boat.

There is a vast selection of towable boats available on the market today. These include air boats, fishing boats, bow rider, sailers, deck boats, jet boats, inflatable boats, and a slew of others.

So if you are not an expert, it is important to follow a trailering-safety checklist while towing. Every good checklist should include guides on loading, leveling, driving, unloading, and launching. There are many hazards you should be aware of from these guides that will have you prepared for any circumstance. For example, wheel maintenance in all its aspects should be a primary concern of every boat trailer owner. Loose nuts on your trailer wheels is one of the most common and dreaded hazards found in towing. These tend to loosen with distance driven so always be aware to check for loose nuts and bolts.

In Summary

Towing of all kinds have their own set of trailering laws that will dictate limits to weight, speed and minimum equipment allowed. These are strictly enforced by law enforcement so it is always wise to be prepared. Checklists can help you prepare your trailer for the unexpected.